CFHRC Mock Hunt Test Saturday October 5, 2013


CFHRC Mock Hunt Test Saturday October 5, 2013

at Wayne Gey’s Golden Oaks Ranch Montverde, FL

GPS Coordinates to Katie’s Landing Pasture N28 36.639′ W81 42.107′

Katies Landing Lane & CR 455 Clermont, FL 34715


Number of dogs your running at Started/Seasoned/Finished (specify level)


RSVP’s are not required but just help us in planning.


Send to


Set up 8-9:30


Tests Start at 9:30 (or when set up is complete)

In addition to the normal information given at the handlers meeting the judges will discuss the factors that have been set up to influence the marks and blinds and what the judges expect to see.  We welcome and encourage handlers to practice judging.  Extra judges sheets will be available. 


The “Judge” will be at the line to assist any handlers wishing to get advice or help.


You will be allowed to train, use collars etc at the set ups.  Your welcome to run UKC rules or AKC rules or any way you wish. 


Separate Land and Water set ups for all levels.   


No championship points.


The club will hire bird boys to throw. We may use wingers at Finished (and possibly at other levels) if we don’t have enough birdboys


***Get Tickets to run at the Katies Landing Check in table****


$5 per Ticket/run  for CFHRC members $10 for non members

(so you would pay $5 to run Land – and pay $5 to run Water for CFHRC members

$10  to run land and $10 to run water for Non Members)


Re runs will be allowed after everyone waiting has run the test once.   You will need a ticket for each re run. 


Bitches in heat are welcome to run (towards the end of each series).



***Bring your own Lunch and beverages.  


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