Grand Handlers Workshop

From Elaine Mitchell, PR Rep Region 4/4A:

Region 4 is hosting a Grand Handlers Workshop presented by Marcus Bice and Stephen Durrence on August 18th & 19th in Sylvania, GA.  This is an HRC sponsored event and is open to everyone. The idea is to help the guy/girl that aspires to run the Grand have a better idea of what to expect when they get there and how to set themselves up to have the best possible chance for success.  With the Grand in Cheraw  next spring, we are hoping lots of local handlers will be ready to give it a try.  I am attaching an information sheet and a registration form to this email.  Please share it with your members.  It has been advertised on Facebook but not all of our members us social media.  

It is difficult to do much in the August heat and we are asking everyone to please consider leaving their dogs at home this trip so that we don’t keep them on a hot truck all weekend.  Stephen will provide finished/grand level dogs from his kennel for us to work with.  He will have the ability to swap dogs in and out and house them at the kennel so we can limit their exposure to the heat.  Handlers will be drawn at random from a qualified pool of applicants so depending on how many people we have in attendance, there IS the possibility that you may not be drawn to handle a dog.

There is a $50 charge to attend the workshop.  Stephen and Marcus are both donating their time and will not receive any compensation from this seminar.  We will provide lunch onsite both days, soft drinks, port-a-potties, birds/bird boys etc.   Once all seminar expenses are covered, any money left will be set aside to fund future events.


Download Information Sheet and Registration Form from