HRC International Spring 2015 Grand Hunt

The HRC International Grand Hunt Spring 2015 is being held from April 27, 2015 through May 1, 2015.  The Grand is being hosted by Old South HRC and will be held in Madison, GA.

Entries must be RECEIVED  by Friday, March 30, 2015 – NO EXCEPTION!

The Grand Premium is available on-line at

The Grand Hunt Secretary is Diana Peacock, 11555 Ballman Road, Grass Lake, Michigan 49240.  She can be contacted at home at (517) 522-4862 or by cell phone at (517) 240-1383.

This event has been posted to the Events Calendar.


The Premium REQUIRES THAT you have read and understand the following information.


  1. ENTRY FORMS must be legible, correct and complete or they will be returned to the sender.  The sender will then have until midnight of the entry deadline date to resubmit the corrected Premium to be eligible for entry in this Grand Hunt.  Submit your Entries early to avoid exclusion from this Grand Hunt.
      • Be fully completed and legible;
      • List the HRC Membership number for both the Owner and the Handler both valid as of the entry deadline date;
      • List only one (1) Handler – the individual actually handling the dog;
      • Include appropriate funds.  Checks may be post marked as the checks will not be deposited until the entry deadline date;
      • Be on one (1) sheet of paper;
      • Be RECEIVED by the Grand Hunt Secretary by the entry deadline date – no exceptions.
      • MUST be SIGNED accepting the Release of Liability and certifying the immunizations of the dog are current and appropriate. A typed name will NOT be accepted and the entry will be returned;
      • Computer generated entry forms will be accepted ONLY if they contain ALL of the information in similar format, as required on the Official Grand Entry Form.  If they do not, they will be returned.


  1. CONDITIONAL ENTRY: A Conditional entry may be received on or before March 30, 2015 without a dog acquiring the necessary 100 HRCH points to enter the Grand event. It is the OWNER’S responsibility to insure that his/her dog is eligible to be entered. Any dog entered in the Grand that does not have 100 points PRIOR to the Grand, will not receive Championship Points or Grand Pass credit, if the dog passes the Grand. Please contact the Secretary to remove the conditional entry from the Grand Hunt in order for the entry fees to be refunded to the Owner.  Plaque fees are not refundable.


  1. ELIGIBILITY It is the owner’s responsibility to insure that: 1) his/her dog is eligible to be entered (has earned HRCH); 2) the Owner listed is the Registered Owner on record with UKC; and 3) both the Owner and Handler have provided HRC Membership numbers and both must be valid as of the entry deadline date of March 30, 2015.

Any of the above items listed in error shall prevent the awarding of points at the conclusion of the event.


  1.  LOGISTICS – Handlers choosing to travel in the same vehicle must make their own logistical arrangements in order for each handler to be at the appropriate series when it is their turn to run.


  1.  FLIGHTS/RUNNING ORDER – Handlers MAY request being in a Flight with someone else and all reasonable attempts will be made to honor the request.  Handlers sequence preference of running their dogs will NOT be accepted.


  1. SCRATCHES – Scratches no longer require a Veterinarian’s Certificate (Illness, Injury or Bitch in Season).  Plaque fees are not

Entries for the 2015 Spring Grand must be RECEIVED on or before March 30, 2015.

Diana Peacock, Grand Hunt Secretary, 11555 Bellman Road, Grass Lake, MI 49240

H (517) 522-4862 C (517) 240-1383

Waive Recipient’s signature on all Priority Mail, UPS and Fed-X. 

NOTE: The United States Postal Service Priority Mail DOES NOT guarantee next day delivery service.