Training Days’ Reminders

We have been very fortunate to have a couple of sites for training days (thank you to Dan Meinert, Carolyn Abood and Betsy Reiney). Also participation has been good.

To maintain this going forward here are some guidelines for NEFHRC training days:

  • be respectful of the properties/property owners by picking up any trash and driving only where suggested
  • RSVP when possible to give us an idea of how many people to plan for, equipment needed, etc.
  • arrive on time and be helpful with set-up, placement of blinds/wingers
  • IF you plan to run your dog(s) then help with throwing/winger loading/marshal duty/set-up.  Even if its just walking bumpers out to restock a blind….do something.
  • always ASK before offering advice on someone’s dog, using your dog as honor dog, etc. –remember there will be dogs that run at all levels from puppies to master hunters


Tom Gaddis, President