CFHRC Blind Workshop

The Central Florida HRC is hosting The Blind Workshop by Mitch White Friday February 20 – Sunday February 22, 2015

All Working spots have been filled. Unlimited Audit spots are available! Because Mitch prints seminar manuals, you must sign up by Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Contact Alison Schultz at with any questions.

This workshop is being presented to help handlers succeed in training and running better blinds. The focus of this workshop will be solely on blinds and will only utilize marks as influence for blinds.

During each of the three (3) days, working teams will perform various drills to improve lining, casting and handling on blinds. In addition, multiple types of blinds will be run each day. Blinds will be run that represent different levels of difficulty and each blind will be rated so that handlers may chart their progress during the seminar.

In addition to yard and field work, discussions will be held on topics such as; how elements will affect blinds, understanding the mechanics involved in setting up a good blind and learning how to design good training blinds. Evaluating blinds at tests and developing a strategy for success will also be discussed.

Auditors are strongly encouraged and Mitch welcomes questions from the audience. If you and your dog have not advanced to the point of beginning blinds, watching Mitch guide each working team through various drills and blind work will help give you a greater understanding of why your foundation work is so important and will help you establish your goals for advancement.

The full brochure on this workshop can been downloaded at