H3N2 influenza: how to protect your dog

An outbreak of canine influenza in the Chicago, Illinois area that began earlier this year has since spread to neighboring states, and the Baker InstituteĀ is working to understand the outbreak and share information with owners, veterinarians and breeders. Director Dr. Colin Parrish describes some of what is known about the virus and how to prevent infection in a recent press announcement, reproduced below.

Dr. Parrish’s lab is studying blood samples from dogs sickened in Midwest outbreak to pinpoint the identity of the virus strain responsible and identify ways to treat or prevent infection. Earlier this month, scientists at Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory identified the virus responsible for the outbreak as a strain of H3N2 influenza that had previously only been seen in Korea, China, and Thailand. Stay tuned to our website for more on the virus and the growing outbreakĀ as it emerges.