June 2017 Training Day POSTPONED

Our June Training Day (June 17,2017)  will be at Betsy Reiney’s at 280 Palmetto Bluff Rd. Bostwick, Fl. 32177 beginning at 8:30 a.m.. The property has fabulous water and great land.

The club will provide a light lunch. Bring what you want to drink.

Contact Carolyn (904-505-3404) by June 10 if you plan to attend or have questions. The annual meeting, lunch,awards ceremony will be short to allow more time for training. Look forward to seeing you there.


There have been multiple cases of Canine Influenza now identified in Florida. We will discuss this further today but it seems the safest option at this time is to postpone the June training day. Any dogs infected should be quarantined for 21 days, but most concerning is that 20% of dogs that are infected show NO signs and are transmitting the virus (H3N2) as well as dogs newly infected that will be contagious for several days BEFORE they develop symptoms. This virus has no natural immunity in dogs so exposure to a dog that is contagious has a very high likelihood of infection. Will send update to all club members later today.

An article or two from Cornell University will be posted to the blog shortly to provide immediate information for everyone.