Welcome to NEFHRC’s New Site!

Welcome to the new site for NEFHRC.  While the basic look and feel of the site has not changed significantly, the functionality has undergone some radical changes.

First, we no longer have the club Message Board.  As previously noted, the forum was viewed quite a bit, particularly with respect to events scheduled. However, there was little to no activity within the message board itself, which lead us to believe it wasn’t accomplishing what we had hoped.

To make up for the lost Message Board, the new site has two new additions:  a full Calendar and this blog. The calendar is similar to what we had previously, but will be somewhat easier for me to update and make edits.

The blog is a real boon.  This will allow the club officers to make announcements or post reminders all in one place.  AND, the newest blog entries will be featured on the club’s main site page.  Pretty neat, huh??

Everyone will be permitted to make comments or ask questions regarding posts on the blog.  I will post instructions and “rules” (yup, gotta have them) for use of the blog.

For the next couple of days the site will be slowly going up page by page.  I appreciate your patience during this process and hope the final product will be worth it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at webmaster@nefhrc.net.

Thank you for your patience,

Karen VanDonsel


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